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Your Wedding Ceremony or Renewal of       Vows should be a "Special Occasion"

                 Have Your Ceremony

Where, When and How YOU Want It!


Whether it will be at a Banquet Facility...
At a Park, Home or Yard...
At a Chapel or a Winery...
You are only limited by your imagination and desire...

    To Have Reverend Schneider perform a 

          ceremony you will never forget...


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You've been thinking how much this means  to both of you...

Perhaps you discovered a quaint Wedding Chapel or a special Park or place catches your eye, only to realize that for your Special Day, a Minister would be more appropriate for your Wedding Ceremony than a Judge or Justice of the Peace in a courtroom would be.                                A flexible, experienced Minister who is comfortable with planning and officiating your entire Wedding Ceremony can help to make everything go smoothly, no matter what your site or what kind of Wedding Ceremony you are looking for or have in mind.

Your Wedding can be Religious, Non-Religious, or simply in your own way. It can be customized to your beliefs and wishes.                        Everything will be coordinated and/or rehearsed: Ushers, Parents, Music, Photographers, etc.                                                                       Generally speaking, everything will be done your way - but you don't have to have the headache of being in charge of that too!


I have been highly recommended by couples and wedding professionals for being committed to writing ceremonies that are personalized, well-written, beautiful and memorable.                                  Not only have I been a Minister for many years who specializes in Wedding Ceremonies, but I am a degreed and trained writer, speaker and musician.

I am experienced with Wedding Ceremonies of all kinds and in all sorts of locations. I will carefullly work with you through all of the steps.                              

You may be looking for a non-religious Wedding Ceremony, a spiritual wedding or an interfaith non-denominational Ceremony that respects your traditions and faiths, whether Christian, (Catholic, Lutheran, UCC, or another), Jewish, or whatever your background.  Together, we will make sure that your Wedding Ceremony is meaningful and special, and that everything goes smoothly.

Per your choice, I can conduct your Ceremony in a Suit, a Ministry Collar, or in a Pulpit Robe.


Whether your Wedding is intimate or formal, a thorough rehearsal will put everyone at ease. A rehearsal is helpful if you are using a chapel that is unfamiliar to your guests, or an unconventional space that requires extra planning. If you choose to have a rehearsal, it will be conducted in detail with clarity, friendliness and tact. By the end of the rehearsal everyone will feel secure not only about what to do, but also how to do it.

Even if you feel your wedding is very simple and intimate, it helps to go over everything verbally or via email so all will be as comfortable as possible with the formalities of the ceremony.

We will be going over all of the movements and timing of your ceremony, but will purposely hold off on the words of your Wedding so they will be  fresh and meaningful on your Wedding Day.

Musicians or the person running the music will be certain about cues. Musicians, D.J.'s and Photographers/Videographers do not need to attend the rehearsal. (I can work with all of them before the Wedding to go over their cues). You just select the music to be played with them, and when and what pictures will be taken.

If you have a Ring Bearer and/or Flower Girl, they will be excited but secure. Parents and Grandparents will be completely comfortable and assured about what is expected of them on the day of your Wedding if they are to be included.


Your Wedding Ceremony will be personalized  and customized to reflect your wishes.

We will go through all of the elements of your Ceremony:                  Vows, Rings, Readings, Special Service Ceremonies, and so on.       And if needed, recommendations for banquet centers, catering, vendors, music, going over site characteristics, talking about family considerations, and everything else involved in your Wedding Ceremony.


A non-refundable  deposit reserves your date and time. The deposit then applies towards the fee. Once my services are reserved, I will get to work on your Wedding Ceremony, writing up everything we work on after our conversations. The other half of the fee is due on or before your Wedding Day.


By that point, I will have worked with you to include any changes, and conducted the rehearsal with your Wedding party, family, and everyone else to make sure that everyone is comfortable.

On your Wedding Day, I will arrive approximately 30 minutes before your Ceremony and have gone through the entire process of:

Verifying - Discussing - Planning - Writing the  Ceremony - Re-Writing if necessary - Recommending - Advising - Rehearsing - Coordinating - Working with Music & Photography - and the Wedding itself.

Your thoughts, beliefs and wishes are of the utmost importance. I will carefully work through all of the steps. Together, we will make sure your Wedding Day is meaningful and special.

Your "Special Day" deserves "Special Care". I can provide that care, limited only by your wishes and desires...


Reverend Lawrence A, Schneider  (ULC)
    To Have Reverend Schneider perform a 

          ceremony you will never forget...


                  Call (314) 351-6464